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At Mabel's, we purchase our ice cream products from Cedar Crest Ice Cream. We offer dairy free sorbet options as well, all in a variety of sizes!

Want us to host an event?


We'd love to host birthday parties, summer parties, etc. Check out our "Parties" page to learn more. 

Fun For All


Mabel's offers exceptional customer service in a fun and friendly environment for all. Including our delicious, mouthwatering ice cream!

Who is Mabel?

Mabel (1908-2009)

The matriarch of the family, Mabel lived life to its fullest. Although she never directly attributed her long life to the health benefits of eating ice cream, she would not shy away from a nice dish or cone with her always present cup of coffee.

It is in her memory that we open Mabel’s Ice Cream Parlor in downtown Bayport. We hope that you will find joy and beauty in the simple things in life much like she did.